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When it comes to printing, one really needs to look no further than Ossies Printing.  With 22 years of hands-on experience at his back and a plethora of exceedingly satisfied clients ranging from small upstarts to industry giants like Truworths, Ossies Printing is able to cater for every imaginable print-related need.  It is safe to say that if it goes onto paper, Ossie is your man.

Ossies Printing had its humble start on the 1st of August, 1993 as a home garage-operated and owner maintained printing concern.  Mr Osman, or Ossie, as he is affectionately known, did absolutely everything himself.  His mornings were filled with rushing from meeting to meeting in his capacity as sales representative.  Upon returning home to the office/workshop, he would put on his creative hat and jump into artwork and design.  This was followed by machine make-ready on the 1850 A3+ Multilith and printing until late into the evenings.  One year later, in 1994, his hard work was rewarded with the appointment of his first staff member, a machine operator.  From there things expanded with the acquisition of a guillotine and yet another machine and operator.

Like every other great man, Ossie has a great wife, Sharifa, standing rock-solid beside him.  She joined him in his ventures during the first 4 years as they continued to work from home.  With way too much equipment required and the space getting smaller and smaller, Ossies Printing was settled into its first commercial residence in Woodstock in 1996.  There they continued to prosper until 8 years later when Ossies Printing yet again outgrew the space and another move was necessary.  Ossies Printing finally settled into the current premises a short while later where they offer a multitude of printing such as full colour litho printing, copying, digital printing, binding, etc in a 400 m² area brimming with employees, machines, equipment and stacks of paper waiting to be utilized.

Today, Ossies Printing is an established, BBEEE level 3 company with a staff compliment of 10 full-time employees ranging from administrative staff to general workers whom each play an important part in the operation and management of the well-oiled machine that is Ossies Printing.