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Moegsien Osman (aka "Ossie")


Everyone loves Ossie.  He is the go-to guy when you want something done right, at the right price and promptly.  “Quality and price are equally important, you cannot sacrifice one for the other”.     Ossie is a simple, down to earth man who appreciates life and loves to help.  As an avid soccer fan, Ossie is also very active in his community, assisting with soccer coaching at St Luke’s Football Club.

“I was forced into the industry by fate, but I am not sorry”

Ossie was raised by his granny and as a teenager he was required to find himself a job.  His neighbour worked at a printing company and Ossie was lucky enough to become gainfully employed at the same place.  With a starting salary of R11.50 per week, he set his mind to be the best stationery packer ever!  1 Month later, he was promoted to Storeman where he began to develop an understanding for paper.  An apprenticeship as machine minder followed and the print industry became a passion and it never left.

Ossie does the daily production and dispatch planning, quotes, paper orders and anything else that he needs to do to make his clients smile


Shop Manager / Controller

Zurina has been the ‘right-hand-man’ for the better part of 8 years.  She is Ossie’s Personal Assistant and controller. She is one of the friendly voices on the other side of the phone when clients call.


Digital Printing / Quality Control

Fatima is Ossie’s sister.  She joined the team 16 years ago ‘just to kill time’ and never left.  She works in the digital department and also does quality control spot checks. She is one of the pillars at Ossies Printing and Finishing.

The A-Team

This is the A-Team.  We make the impossible possible. With a minimal staff turnover and loyal staff, Ossies Printing and Finishing is fortunate to have such a versatile team to count on.